'God has given you one face, and yet you make yourself another' Shakespeare. Never conform to the status Quo. This blog is inspired by knowledge of the old world and truth. Email:

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Jesse Boykins III- Victoria (Interlude)


Jesse Boykins III - I Can’t Stay [Official Music Video] (by Jboykins3)

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Jesse Boykins III
Light To Dark

I see things different light towards the dark, culture creator I make it with my heart.

I light the dark, with my heart.


I’m stealing that shirt from this gentleman.

You heard Jesse? lol. 


Jesse Boykins III - Back Home (Mermaids & Dragons) (Official Music Video)


“Like a procession you walk together towards your god-self. You are the way and the wayfarers” - Kahlil Gibran. Jesse Boykins III & Dr Woo take you with them on their travels to different parts of the globe , on the journey home. Download #WayOfAWayfarer at & check for upcoming shows in your city #PassportLife #Schwaza 

“we are the reawakening of the romantic movement”

Directed by Dr. Woo

(via streetetiquette)

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