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A friend of mine constantly sends me weekly updates of bible verses and messages, ending them with ‘May jesus bless you’ etc

I was so overwhelmed by their thoughtful actions that I also responded similar with African proverbs and ended with messages of well wishes from African deities, so i’d say things like May Ogun clear all obstacles from your path etc

He’s requested I stop sending such messages…what did I do wrong? Is it not a nice gesture to reciprocate in kind?

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  5. wonderbread121 answered: You’re dealing with a person who has been brain washed, they do not know who God is really, they go on blind faith of a man
  6. missdevine95 said: Put them on your blog instead. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would appreciate that.
  7. nonamenoslogan answered: I always hated when people would send me bible verses. If they want you to stop sending them then they should also stop sending verses to you
  8. acleverdiversion answered: I hope you post your messages to your blog. I’d like some African proverbs
  9. mamitah answered: your friend is arrogant and smallminded…he surely needs your teachings and blessings, keep it up
  10. throughmineeyes answered: You did nothing wrong. He’s mad that your faith is not his and his mind is not open enough to accept that. Sorry….
  11. aphotic-eniola answered: lol African deities are considered devil worship. so your reciprocation is taken offensively. that’s how christianity works.
  12. my-fucking-secondary-blog answered: Standard Christian way…they disguise as niceties what are actually attempts at conversion
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