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Hushahu. Shaman of the Yawanawa people. Hushahu. Pajé do povo Yawanawá 

A Amazonian Shaman talks about life before and after contact and the importance of Our connection to the world we live in. In this vid you can see the richness of life she is surrounded by, everything is alive. 

Shamans will always be the reservoirs  of Sacred knowledge.

This brings me back to A childhood experiance I had 

Hushahu lives in the Yawanawa territory, in Acre. One day, her brother Tashka and his wife, asked her if she wanted to be initiated as a shaman, and offered their support. Despite all the prejudices against a woman being initiated, she became the first woman to become a shaman, and the first Yawanawa shaman of her generation. She lived by herself in the forest, learning and fighting to survive with the help of Uni (Yawanawa name for ayahuasca).

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